Aug 28, 2016

Kendall Jenner for Vogue September Issue 2016

Image source: VOGUE.COM

September issue, the thickest edition of Vogue Magazine in each year is always attract people attention. Rise up the enthusiasm for grabbing it when a kiosk at the corner of the pedestrian path hang the IT-magazine. And people eyes always staring at the icon of its cover, a very influent yet beautiful woman whose eyes determine passion, warm and a proven to the world that she can brings miracle to this whole new world.

So this year, one of most talked person on Earth, Kendall Jenner has become the lucky chosen one. And I could not be more happier hear this breath taking news since she is my favorite role model. So here how she got surprised by the Kadarshian clan:

I suggest every one of you to start looking for the September issue of American Vogue before it run out of stocks!