Nov 24, 2014

Being sad.

Perhaps people avoid this kind of feelings, but I don't know that by this feeling, inspiration just come easily. And I can write better, not a story about feeling but something incredible to share. In common perception, sadness means the point when your heart get hurt and you dying enough to struggle days forward. But for me this feelings are not only describe by that both description. Being sad is also the point when your heart get touched by something huge which can changes your life opinion.

I feel like I get the internal push from myself, don't know whether it's a heart force or a brain command. And then I be like a power ranger who just can change their self in seconds! I'm become great and amazing.

Actually I'm a fan of How I Met Your Mother, an American TV shows which finally end up in 9 seasons, and I love the story even sometimes we can found adult discussion. The way of their five main characters pass the time struggle for their friendship. And of course the motivational quotes from it. Here one of my favorites :

"Whenever I'm sad,  
I stop being sad and be awesome instead"

                                                                      - Barney , How I Met Your Mother

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