Feb 11, 2012

Hello Valentine

2012 Valentine will come no longer than 72 hours again.
Have you prepare a little celebration or something to give?
For me, Valentine is a day when people say their love to each other in public even though every day their also do it. The day when people really make a gorgeous celebration with whose their love or give something sweet, even make a very romantic things like rooftop-candle light dinner.

At least, in this Valentine I think I don't have a person to date with just like last year.
Loneliness or terrible, sometimes, but I always feel comfort with it. Love not always come from a boyfriend, but all of your friends. I've been busy with my school; national examination until university entrance examination, but that's alright. You need to focus to a thing which is the most important at the time.
My very don't like thing is having fun with a playboy (guy who always tell his love to many girls, what a big liar).

Don't worry if you don't have a person to date with, because there are lot of people spread their love to you, and you can celebrate it with them, like small party or big dinner.

Here are some 'ALWAYS BE IN VALENTINE' in my thought :

1. The Besties Tradition

Sharing an unique chocolates with many variation with best friends

My 'always chocolate to buy for valentine' is Cadbury Dairy Milk. 
Love it taste. Sweet sensation.

2. Dresscode with the touch of pink

It can deny that Valentine is identic with the color of pink. 
I still don't know how could it from. Never googling to know it's real story.

Floral blouse or turtleneck top from Mango is a good choice to combine with black Dorota Perkins skirt. 
Make it perfect with Dolce&Gabbana shoes and H&M ring.
So what is your?

3. The Rooftop.

My favorite. Pretty awesome.
Good air and romantic feeling.
Europe always have many gorgeous  sweet spot even romantic city like Paris and Barcelona.

Right place to view Eiffel :

Les Ombres

View to Arc de Triomph :

What about Barcelona :


We can spend a great time with the special one here for lunch or dinner.

Actually, there are many things again which people usually do in Valentine day. Very unique and interesting tradition. 
But my 'Top 3 Valentine Special Things' is it.

Images from google.

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