Mar 17, 2012

My and Their HINDIA Wall Magazine

The day before yesterday noon, me and my team did a project. The deadline was on that afternoon too.
It really was like a very-injury-time perhaps. Too many assignment or quiz to be done before, so we just did it in very last minutes.
Look, the chief of my team , Nabiel , was so serious arranging the papers on the wall magazine.

This wall magazine is named "HINDIA" like our team name.
Sounds so maritime, of course it is. We are study in the department which is support the world of maritime.
Actually this wall magazine dedicated for our after-training-of-self-management in our faculty, did it last year.
Decorated with hand-drawing simple picture, lump of cottons, any other material even the real leaves!
Be a creative colleger!

Hand-drawing by me. Flip the paper and find....

An essay made by me. The tittle is "Realita dan Angan-angan" (Reality and Chimera).
I was waking up in the cloudy and freezing morning and just writing down the words on my mind at that time.

Flip the other paper and found the another inspiring essay.
The essay about dreams.

Them ; Anantya, Intan, Ardan, Nabiel. And me, the pink one.
So I was wearing my pink tee with a collar from Baleno, college style.
At least few of them is not my team, heheee :)

Ours. Coming soon at Faculty of Marine.

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