Mar 15, 2012

Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering Graduation : The Parade

Annual parade of graduation in my Institute of Technology. 
So these are how my department, Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering, were celebrating it.
Really a big parade.

The vehicle which pick up the graduates of my department. 

 Both boys are Lukky and Fyan.

The dress code was navy blue top as a sign for Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering student.
And also a self-made headband with a word "KAPAL" (ship).
Simple smile of Suryana.

 Oh-vespa. Pretty antique. Adorable

The graduates.

Teddy with his big spirit.


Very precious moment of them.


The very-large flag of HIMATEKPAL , a student council of my department , is a handmade flag by year 2011 students.

The banner was made by my seniors, year 2010 students, to show their appreciate for the graduates.

Congratulation for your graduation.
Succeed always.

All photos taken by Dhira and edited by me.
Click here for The After Party of this parade.


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