Jun 7, 2013

DIY : Doraemon on a cake

Here are several shoots when I made a cake with my little chef friend. At least, he had better skill in cooking than me, and I took photograph of him while making the cake. There's no photo of mine because he didn't want to take it, what a boy...
We start from making the concept days before, from which type of cakes, how about the layers, even the decoration. Then I choose the strawberry -  blueberry than a rainbow cake, I thought it will be so cute combining the pink one and the blue one, which are total six layers. And about the decorating, Doraemon face will be very incredibly cute (ps I love cute things). My dad loves Doraemon since he was young, so do I. Every sunday morning, I wake up early to watch it on a national TV channel, although my dad also buy me the DVD. The kindergarten Clara until she is in high school, always keep to watch it.

Making the dough for every color, three layers for blue, and three other for pink one.

My little chief friend helped to bake it.

Time for decorating!

The rainbow sprinkle.

Smearing the white cream. We dyed the white cream to get the colors. And we also used the blueberry and strawberry cream to gum the layers.

Start to draw the Doraemon face on the top of the cake.
To be honest, it was so hard to draw it, confused where have to start, because decorate a cake as one of cartoon character for an amateur like me is such a moment to think creative, have an innovation, and really explore the self soft skill. Also it need patience, exactness, and thoroughness.

Need a little bit touch, the cat whiskers effect.

Six layers cake with two colors, strawberry and blueberry.

This is it, The Doraemon Cake special made by me. But unfortunately, the box make the cake not perfect anymore especially at the side of cake. Took the last photo on my friend surprise birthday. Baking a cake was really fun. The result is quite good, the taste and the looks. Anyone order? Contact me :)

love love love!


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