Jun 1, 2013

Hare and Hatter

A cafe and bake shop located at Surabaya Town Square, Hare and Hatter. They sell many lovely cakes, macaroons, TWG, and some Italian dishes. The place quite comfortable to gather with friends.

Ah I love macaroons!

And there was a Harley Davidson event at Surabaya Town Square that night. Big motorcycle and huge sound.

I'm in love with stripes, just like people recently. Dressed so simply that night.

I chose a piece of their Royal Blue Velvet and Lychee tea. It was just a snack or should I called another dessert after a dinner with friend.

For a friend birthday, so funny to give the late birthday celebration words with tiny cake and only a candle on it. It was called difference. When people usually give a tart and many candles, I did the reverse. In fact I also did that habit too the night before.

And Happy Birthday!

Stripes top - ZARA
Necklace - Gaudi
Skirt - Gaudi
Court shoes - ZARA

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