Feb 10, 2014

Lime on February 14th

Very interesting chocolate packages are everywhere. The timepiece is ticking for the pink day, where people celebrate it for sharing their loves each other. It just such a symbolic day that people worldwide pick, even though there still hundred days to spread out the love. Yeah, we know that it comes really close, no longer that five days forward people!

We knows, from the youngest until old people celebrate this day 14th of February called Valentine day. I never really do some searching about the history, because in my opinion it's not that important enough, let just focus for making something special for people who mean to be in your life. They could be a best friends, teacher, family, or even your worst enemy. Because God told us to love each other, include the hatters. My fashion-blogger-friend said that let the hatters write what they want,say what they want, because they'll end up nowhere but their own hating.

Alright, for this year, I'm away with the color which show love and the symbol of the day, PINK! I decided to pick something  fresh, as the new color for this Spring. I visualized about a very wonderful time where the plants sprout out, the very fresh green nature after the winter. So that the reasons why I chose this Lime color. And just because I'm madly in love with this Lanvin x H&M necklace recently, and the Chinese New Year was just few days behind, I put this necklace for matching my mom sleeveless dress. I don't want this look just too mainstream, very Lady-like, then I took my silver GOSH wedges-sneakers for final touch. It giving a casual sense, resulting a combination of lady-like and boyish. For the make up, I didn't put the very bright or sparkle colors, just make it to natural.

And that's what I picked for this year Valentine advise. Now I realize that for a very meaningful day which have waiting for, don't always need something new, just glancing at your closet then use your creative brain, do mix&match, and walk in your runway. I've read a quote by Karl Lagerfeld about buying the things which can easily to mix&match. He's true.

Lanvin x H&M necklace - UNISOUQ
Lime sleeveless dres - mom
Wedges-sneakers - GOSH



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