Feb 21, 2014

Could you being beautiful without happiness?

Seems that problems come directly to me everyday, and of course that I hate it. But the question is what kind of problems which really disturbing me recently? The answer is anything that make me away from blogging! I hate when I don't have free time to take some outfit photos, then the internet connection just trouble for few days, and course the academic factors. It's only a couple of weeks, but I don't know everything seems so complicated and harder. 

 I was sad, then the good news always comes along, something that could cheer me up more than the reason which made me felt sad. I wrote down, then erased it, because I realize past is a thing to forget and don't have to recall. Almost all the time when I look back -not only for memories, something bad just happen, like a traffic accident. 

I'm not a person with beautiful word on, but I try to. They say you need cleaning up your face, be healthy, and the hardest is be happy. Because happy is a feeling that sound simply but hard to reach. I always give thanks what God bring into my life, I know His planing something wonderful time forward.

Here it is, an outfit post. Put some black and white on me, a classic style. From floppy hat, v-neck sleeveless blouse, satin maxi skirt, and pump shoes. I don't know but these color dominating my commode.

V-neck blouse - ZARA
Floppy hat - Luna Maya for HARDWARE
Maxi skirt - Poise24
Court shoes - ZARA




  1. Love the hat dear :D


  2. Love you look, dear)
    Very elegant!!!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses