Mar 9, 2014

Backstage : Karoong Indonesia at 1001 IDE

One of Surabaya based local brands, Karoong Indonesia which focus on handmade clothing using local material, had joined an exhibition named 1001 IDE yesterday to perform their collections. The exhibition itself is for introduce people about many kinds work by the young generation. Not only clothing, there also artwork and some communities stand. The exhibition took place at Ciputra World Surabaya.

And I was joining the show too with my girl Raysa. About a week behind they asked me to join the show, and course I said yes. It was a great show, and made me in love more with tenun fabric. Their products has fine tailoring and course comfortable to wear.

There were four local designers who joined the show. So there were four sessions, and I walked for three of them. Backstage just so crowded because time run so fast, and we needed to change the clothes for the other session. But thanks God everything went well.

All models for Karoong Indonesia session.

(Left) The models. (Right) The designer and the models.

People who came to watch and course support me, the world traveler Melinda and the talented chef Vica.

Natural make up.



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