Mar 17, 2014

HIMATEKPAL : Naval Architecture ITS 109th Graduation Party

It was yesterday, a simple graduation party from HIMATEKPAL for the graduates. Even the electricity was out because something trouble with it network, but finally it went well. And people still enthusiastic about the celebration, even they were really uncomfortable with the heat, yes it was around 1 pm.

I was wearing my floral sleeveless dress paired with black blazer, and did my make up with my self! I never take any make up course, just do it when I was boring, and it's kind of refreshing. Because make up is another kind of art, like drawing your face. And so glad that the result of the smokey eyes is not that bad.

Souvenir for the graduates.

The performers, Adit and Demas.

Partner as the MC for the day, Rino.

External affair of HIMATEKPAL, Kemal.

Candidly taken while I tried to do some selca, lol.
By the way, my bracelets are Darlene and Charmaine from Hanarupark collection, aren't they adorable? Grab yours on their website, because every time they post new design it will vanish in seconds, seriously! 

photo credit to M Afif Budi which edited by me



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