Aug 16, 2014

Cup and Crumbs Surabaya

One fine afternoon, there were three girls opened a door which made by glass. They entered a room with vintage atmosphere. At a corner, there were people queuing and also glancing to the black board with menu written on. And no one of them chose other food than the beef burger. The cafe named Cup and Crumbs Downtown Cafe

There is a friend next to you and wait for something you share with.

Burger galore! Their beef burger is priced IDR 36k before tax. And it's quite recommended.

The college-mates, Vinesia, Intan, and me.

I was wearing a rainbow loom bracelets which a gift from my friend's 6th grade sister.

Well, finally can share a little good news for the Surabaya-ers, a recent opened cafe in Eastern Surabaya with cozy atmosphere actually. I'm totally busy because this August I have my second internship, so really don't have any free time as usual to travelling and have a culinary adventure. Perhaps I should post about my first internship adventure at a shipyard, just wait for that.



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