Aug 22, 2014

Internship at PT. Dok dan Perkapalan Surabaya

Well, in this new academic year holiday I take internship programs which are required for my undergraduate study. Two months holiday for two different companies, a shipyard then a classification society. I chose a shipyard in Surabaya which is PT. Dok dan Perkapalan Surabaya (PERSERO). Team up with three others, and we spent a month there. We visited several department which is relate to our study such as Engineering Department, Hull Department, etc. The staff from each department were really kind to share their experience in shipbuilding. By this internship, I got a lot new knowledge and compared what I've already learnt in class with the reality in the shipyard. 

Actually I was literally tired almost every day that time. Waking up when the sun hasn't rise yet, and sleeping around midnight after completing my daily handwritten report. But I'm happy for that. I can fulfill my holiday with something precious rather than spend the day go on the razzle. Even sometimes I miss the moments there.

NEW CONSTRUCTION : TONASA LINE XVIII, a self propelled barge cement carrier. She was mooring for getting some final check before her delivery time.

Enjoy the heat on board with my Marine Engineering student friends, Lulu and Arian! They both was just so funny!

This morning view always makes me miss to turn back time. It was a view from one of their floating docks. 

One fine morning on the tug boat.

An retro wheel like in old movies when the sailor navigate his ship.


View from the top of floating dock, it height around 9 meters.

The process of propulsion reparation.

The access which connect the ship and the floating dock.

An alley inside MV. Merah Putih near her engine room.

Spectacular view from MT. Kamojang, an oil tanker of PT. Pertamina when she was docking.

View from her navigation brigde.

Her davit-operated lifeboat, and there were another ship next to it.

My favorite spot, yes I'm totally in love with this bright-blue container. The containers has already converted into comfortable office. But apologize to only post it outside.

So that's from my internship in a shipyard which has already finished in the end of July. And now I'm taking my internship in a classification society, perhaps will make a post about it soon.




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