Jan 17, 2015

Means of boy in my eyes.

I met a boy. He is so famous now. He had a years relationship with a girl. But then it was just over. When he started again, this girl is kind of bitter one. She left him for building up her happy new relationship. After everything he did for her, she just walk away. He was in suffer, but God reply everything with amazing plans for his days after.

I met a boy. He had a crush on a girl who left him then. He had tried several times to build a new relationship but nothing worked, he had already known. He never said it but I believed that inside his laugh, he believed in faith that she will be back. And she did. Now he smile in happiness, no pain anymore.

I met a boy. He texted to many girls. He flirted to anyone who dazzle his eyes. But he only had one girl to share his love wholeheartedly. He could do anything to make her happy. He kept visiting her even in his rushing. He really loves her, I see on his eyes when he tell a story about her.

I met a boy. He has a girlfriend. He do love her in a value that much more than others human can do. He flirted to some other girls, sometimes. But he knew that nothing to deal with them. And he still loves his girl for past, present, and until death.

I met a boy. He was a kind of people who have great principles for his life. He wanted a serious relationship since the first time he dated a girl. He treated his girl in a way that mostly girl wish for. But she repeated what was wrong. And he just smiled every time people ask. I knew that deep inside his soul is broken, but he pretend to tell. He hided the pain so that nobody knows how hard he tried to sleep all night.

I met a boy. He was a handsome guy with polite smile. He spokes politely. He cares much to his friends. He loves a girl, only she and she. No others. Never cheating. No flirting. A kind of faithful person that everybody wish to have for spending the rest of their live. He looked after she even in miles away. I didn't know exactly her feeling to him but I thought she was a person who did not realize with this kind of blessing that God sent her. Every time he bowed his head, close his eyes, and smile, I know that he bear the pain.

I met a boy. He had a high intelligence, great point of view, and amazing advisor. People around were so proud to have him as a friend. Proud because they could easily interact with one of amazing people in this world. He was like a google who could answer almost every questions. Well, actually not many people knew about his love life. But lucky me, I knew his present story. He had a crush with his childhood mate. At first it was sound very sweet, when you had a crush with someone you grown up with. And it came a day when everything revealed. As I believe that the truth won't hide for forever. That girl, who he had a crush with, was lied. Lie about her feeling. Lie about her acts to him. Lie about the reasons why she cares to him. And I knew that he hurts and had to suffers in this kind of pain. One lesson that I learned is that the pain will come from anybody, no matter who they are.

I met a boy. He was a good one. The one who good at many subjects. The one that focused to build up his future. The one that raised up to be a polite and intelligent man. He had a relationship with a girl. The relationship that he exactly knew nothing deeper. The relationship that scare him. Perhaps he just didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to fix what should have been fixed in past. And he just letting everything continues to happen. And years ahead, is only God knows.

I met a boy. He had a dark past. He changed him self then to somebody new. The one that was a reflection of suffering. He struggled hard these years built up his amazing future. And all of his works finally come to great things. I predicts that years ahead, the sun will shine so brightly on him, brighten his past, and his ready to take his girl in his past back to his side.

I met a boy. He loves people. He gave his hug to the orphans. He did favour to people more than they expected to get. He was a light through people darkness. Put a fire into millions toneless dreams. Changed the thought of the reasons why human born. I saw the saint soul through his eyes. And the war that he fight for human peace in his around. No flirt to girl, because flirt to empty soul is more fascinate him. No love relationship, because the relationship with God is more precious.



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