Jan 8, 2015


ZARA crop sweater / Five13 pencil skirt

On December 29th, I was officially turning 20! Really can't believe that time flies this fast. As I remember, friends surprised me in the night day changing. The fireworks, the laugh, and the idea of kidnapping concept. For this year, they surprised me with the horror concept.  I was in my friend's home, and suddenly the electricity was off. Then it just happened like in horror movie. At the end, they just came out with a round birthday cake with candles on it. Totally creative! Thank you for sharing your love dear!!!

MONTCHI and number foil balloons from party click

Well, actually I got this sweet cactus candle then I visit Starbucks to look for their Espresso Brownies, one of my favorites, and ordered frappe too. Because the day after I had an exam, I decided to visit my friend's home with several others to study there. And picked up several cakes from Starbucks for them in order to celebrate my 20th birthday. At first I want to order a birthday cake from my favorites cake shop, but unfortunately they had closed order before I placed mine. So that's the reason why I changed it into Starbucks cakes. And when I reached my friend's home, we talked and my friends named Abah, Chaning and Vines was laughing because I brought cakes and candles for celebrating my own birthday. And it was the moment before the horror surprise began.

Birthday gift from my lovely incredible stunning friends; Vinesia, Alif, Channing and Teddy.
A cute lightweight sweater with a #FANCY print on it. Thank you!



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