Apr 26, 2015

No. Three O Six (Barata Jaya)

On April 25th 2015, a newly opened coffee shop in Surabaya named Three O Six (well, actually it is their second place) was something special and different from daily. Since that me and Vinesia, a college mate, need some coffee shop time (besides Starbucks, it just too often), we decided to visit this famous coffee shop.

Assume that this kind of tops become recent trends, and I decided to buy one for my self in black. Yes like what I've already told, that I'm in love with black and need more black clothes.

Best culinary neither traveling partner, Vinesia.

So THIS is it. The things that special, the fancy eclairs from Macs Eclair, the famous online based eclair specialist because it taste and shape actually. For this day only, their team just came to this coffee shop and sold their eclair in piece. And the another special thing is they brewed the flora technica coffee beans from Common Grounds Jakarta. And I chose to make it in Cappuccino (right side). And we ordered the Potato platter because we do love fries. At least, they still have another meal to order, but we were full enough. And since it was around 4 pm, means that it was snack time hehe.

Daring lipstick color and I felt more powerful and confident. I'm not a person who love to put some eye make up on, but I love to play with dark color lipstick.

I am still thinking to decide what kind of hair styles shall I choose for my next style. But there are so many important things to think rather than thinking about styling my self again this time. It's completely a hard time for me, like struggling for something that I scared. But someone told me that God will always besides us, and never surrender with life, then don't stop praying even there is nothing change. We just need to believe in faith.
Pray no matter what happen.



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