Jun 4, 2015

Pipe and Barrel Surabaya

I am too late to try the famous Chef Ken from Masterchef Indonesia newly opened restaurant in Surabaya. Oh not that 'new', it has already been like a year. This place located at Jalan Polisi Istimewa, Surabaya (across SMAK St. Louis 1). The interior rising the concept of combining retro and modern industrial concept. And there is a huge caricature of Chef Ken himself on a wall!

At the outdoor area, there are many signs on the wall such as license plates.

Still in my obsession of colors to pick, that famous grayscale.

And how about the food? It's quite recommended and the price is affordable compare to other Surabaya's famous restaurant and cafe. We ordered Honey Chicken Rice, Black Pepper Beef Tortilla, and french toast.



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