Jun 28, 2015


STRADIVARIUS basic t-shirt | thrifted dream catcher necklace | Andien for GAUDI pencil skirt |

Really, it's been long time from any kind of outfit of the day (OOTD) post. Since I currently put more attention to my Final Project, titled "DESIGN ANALYSIS OF ACCOMMODATION LAYOUTS USING TOPOLOGICAL PATTERN MATCHING TECHNIQUE TO OPTIMIZE THE EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCESS ON A BULK CARRIER". Well, I am study naval architecture, just reminding, and this is my last semester. I don't know what exactly I feel, sometimes I'm happy but the other side I just broken. I don't want to loose my friends who already been amazing for these years. But let time answer everything since expectations always hurt the deepest. So this final project is really something, I can spend almost two hours for every assistance with my lecturer. The topic and the technique both are rare to choose by the others. The reason I picked that is because I am the person who loves something different, anti-mainstream, and look for something unique. And also, I care about the safety of human life. I need more seconds than mostly people when have to choose, because I am thinking about the risk for each decision. In maritime industry, thousand people have already reported lost on board, especially whose working as bulk carrier's crews. That's short about my final project. Hope that all my blog visitors pray for me, thank you :)

This Sunday I went out for having dinner and a little shopping with my mom who came to visit for supporting me. At first, I decided to dress in casual but I changed my mind. Then I picked a black t-shirt, yes I can't live without black, to be paired with my pencil skirt from an Indonesian jazz singer named Andien Aisyah collection for Gaudi. I love her because her style and fashion sense, rather than love her as a singer. The skirt is a pencil skirt with a second layer shaped trapezoidal. And I wasn't wearing high heels as usual, but I came with that blink slippers.



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